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Do You Actually Need an SEO Consultant?

Updated: Feb 20

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Published: December 18th, 2023

Why are the Services of an SEO Consultant Necessary?

A strong online presence is essential for any business in the current digital era, and mastering SEO is the key to achieving this. However, due to the dynamic and intricate nature of SEO, it is difficult for organizations to remain up to speed on the most recent developments and methodologies.

In this situation, the services of an SEO consultant become necessary. Experts are strategists and analysts, not merely marketers, whose knowledge can significantly improve the visibility and performance of a website.

Organizations seeking to increase organic traffic and improve their online visibility must comprehend the function and significance of an SEO Specialist. What an SEO consultant does, why you may require one, and how to select the best one for your business are all topics covered in this article.

An Overview of SEO Consultants

The function of an SEO consultant extends beyond mere keyword suggestion; they deliver a holistic approach aimed at enhancing every facet of the SEO of your website. They cover every aspect, from technical factors such as site performance and mobile optimization to creative elements such as content relevance and user engagement.

With that being said, not all SEO consultants are created equal.

SEO consultants must employ their work utilizing a thorough breadth of knowledge and experience with different varieties of business. In my experience, I have seen start-ups to enterprise-level clients who had previously had shotty SEO work done and have had to re-energize the strategy to get all ducks in a row so to speak.

It is important that the SEO consultant you are using, whether agency or individual, has seen a variety of scenarios to bring a unique perspective on what does well and what doesn't for your specific industry. On another note, SEO is also about trial and error. It is a long game and you need someone willing to try new strategies and testing to ensure that your site is keeping up with the times.

Going back to the purpose of consultants - SEO professionals employ an assortment of tools and methods to perform exhaustive website investigations. This requires identifying weaknesses in the present SEO performance of your website and developing strategies to address them.

Moreover, a proficient SEO consultant is cognizant of the significance of harmonizing SEO strategies with the objectives of your organization. They ensure that the SEO efforts not only generate traffic but also appeal to the appropriate audience, thereby contributing to your business objectives, through close collaboration.

The Significance of Employing an SEO Consultant

Employing an SEO consultant can substantially increase the search engine rankings of your website. They can effectively maneuver through the intricacies of SEO in comparison to an individual with a broad comprehension of the subject by utilizing their specialized expertise and capabilities.

An SEO consultant can significantly impact businesses that are facing challenges in attaining online visibility. They can identify opportunities that you may have overlooked by applying the most recent SEO techniques in order to gain a competitive advantage.

In addition, SEO consultants deliver quantifiable outcomes. They employ analytics to monitor progress and establish key performance indicators (KPIs), providing clear and transparent insights into the manner in which their strategies are influencing the performance of your website.

When do you require the services of an SEO consultant?

  1. A consultant in search engine optimization can ensure that a newly launched website is optimized from the very beginning. By taking this preventative measure, you can avoid future complications and corrective efforts, thereby establishing a strong groundwork for your online presence.

  2. An SEO Consultant can support organizations going through a website overhaul or rebranding by ensuring that the transition does not hurt the organization's current search engine rankings. Additionally, they may utilize this chance to enhance your prior SEO strategies.

  3. An SEO Consultant can assess the cause of a sudden decline in website traffic or stagnation in development if the website has experienced either. Frequently, these issues elude the untrained eye; therefore, consulting an expert can furnish valuable perspectives and resolutions that realign one's efforts.

  4. An SEO Consultant can provide a long-term strategy and discover competitive gaps that might have fallen on the backlog.

  5. An SEO Consultant can research on your behalf looking at your industry and providing insight using a variety of tools. Tools that, without the proper skillset, couldn't be used to get the most 'juice for the squeeze' without proper training and experience.

The Selection Process for an Appropriate SEO Consultant

When selecting an SEO consultant, it is critical to consider their demonstrated history of successful projects. Request case studies or samples of prior work that serve as evidence of their capacity to produce favorable outcomes.

Ensure the consultant's methodology is consistent with the values and procedures of your organization. SEO encompasses a multitude of techniques; therefore, the consultant must employ white-hat, ethical methods that will not compromise the repute of your website. Effective communication is critical for every partnership. Seek out an SEO consultant who possesses not only expertise but also the capacity to articulate their methodologies and the rationale behind them in a manner that is unambiguous and simple to comprehend.

Be warned of black hat SEO and outlandish KPI promises. At Boone Consulting, we work with our clients to ensure 'what success looks like' for your specific business and create measurable goals accordingly.

Alternatives to Employing an SEO Consultant

Developing an internal SEO team could be a viable alternative if sufficient resources are available. Especially for larger organizations with ongoing SEO requirements, this can be cost-effective in the long run and provides greater influence over your SEO strategies.

Lack of financial resources does not preclude the use of a multitude of SEO tools and software applications that can assist with the optimization of a website. Although this may demand additional time and effort from you, it can serve as a valuable learning opportunity and a foundation for modest enterprises.

An additional alternative is self-education. Devoted individuals or teams can acquire a comprehensive comprehension of SEO through the utilization of an abundance of online resources, courses, and seminars. Although it demands a substantial amount of time and effort, this strategy can prove to be gratifying and empowering.

Regardless of whether you opt to construct an internal SEO team, employ an SEO consultant, or undertake a do-it-yourself approach, it is critical to acknowledge the pivotal significance of SEO in the digital triumph of your organization. Assess the unique requirements, financial resources, and strategic objectives of your organization to ascertain the optimal course of action. Bear in mind that the impression and discoverability of your company on the web can be drastically altered by the SEO strategy you implement.

If SEO reads like a different language to you - have no fear. That's why we are here! At Boone Consulting, not only do we ensure the work is done sufficiently but we pride ourselves on education so that you understand the hard work that goes into maintaining a solid SEO strategy and learn what it takes to be successful.

If this sounds up your alley - don't be afraid to book an SEO marketing chat to get growing!

Savannah Boone Allen

With a background spanning nine years in dynamic marketing, including a successful stint as an SEO Account Director and as a published author, Savannah brings a blend of expertise, creativity, and dedication ideal for this project. Her career has been marked by developing engaging content, innovative digital strategies, and elevating clients to industry leadership. As a seasoned SEO expert, I excel in multitasking and innovating, continuously seeking new ideas to enhance marketing campaigns and exceed client expectations.

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